Specialist lawyers international debt collection

At Credilex, we know that many of our national companies sell their services and / or products outside of Spain. This can cause several headaches if we encounter a non-payment from abroad. As lawyers specialized in international claims, we take into account that exports are the essential engine of the PYMES of our country.

Since Credilex, we mean by “international recovery” the process of recovering a debt generated by one of our clients abroad. As specialist lawyers, we use the Regulation of the European Order Payment Procedure, approved in 2008, which is a simplified payment request procedure that speeds up procedures and cases of payment default, only between countries. of the European Union.

In case the person who does not pay the debt is a resident of a foreign country, since Credilex we can claim this recovery from our home here in Spain.

Therefore, since 2008, it is no longer necessary to present the complaint in the country where the debtor is located, which speeds up the process and reduces the costs of recovery.

As a lawyer specializing in international debt claims, another point to consider is the possibility that the debtor escapes. For that, it is necessary to locate the said client in the country where he takes refuge and a Spanish court will issue the injunction to this foreign country so that it executes its decision.

For all this, at Credilex, we offer a personalized service with lawyers specializing in the field of international claims.